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Find the Keller dovetail jigs at these woodworking trade shows  Why using PayPal is safe        

At Keller & Co., we care about your security and privacy. We are aware that buying products online can seem like a daunting process. We want to assure you that your online purchase at is safe and protected. Of course, if you prefer, you can purchase the Keller dovetail jigs directly, through a dealer, or at a trade show.

Purchases on are processed through PayPal (, a leading payment processor for over 42,000 websites. Your personal information and security are protected throughout the buying process:

  • Keller & Co. has been selling dovetail jigs since 1976, and is a PayPal Verified Seller, meaning PayPal has established our identity through its extensive verification process.
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  • Your personal information heavily protected from your computer to PayPal. It is encrypted using SSL 3.0, the industry-standard encryption format used by all major online vendors, like and eBay.
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  • The information you provide to PayPal is only what is necessary for us to process your order. PayPal requires new users to establish a user name and password in order to log in to their secure payment service and check the status of your order. PayPal keeps a strict privacy policy: your information will not be sold to third parties without your explicit permission.
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PayPal's Security Center may be able to answer any further questions you may have. If not, please contact us at

Keller & Co. is a PayPal verified seller.

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