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         How do the Keller dovetail jigs work?   
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The Keller Dovetail System gives you a wide range of joinery capabilities, easily and accurately made. These tools don't promise to do everything; what they enable you to do, however, they do very well.

With these tools you can do the following in your shop:

Through Dovetails
You can cut classically proportioned through dovetail joints for furniture, cabinets, drawers, giftware and specialty boxes.

Variable Spacing: If your design calls for unique spacing or proportions, you can easily skip spaces, shift the templates between cuts or change router bit sizes while maintaining excellent accuracy and simplicity.

Unlimited Widths and Lengths
You can cut your dovetails in any width or length stock. Unlike other jigs there are no built-in limits to the width of your work. If your work is wider than your templates, cut as far as you can, simply slide the templates over, and continue cutting.

Long boards can be run vertically or horizontally across your bench top. You can dovetail that 30'' deep x 84'' tall home entertainment center with the Keller Dovetail System.

Compound Angles
You can easily dovetail compound angles for cradles, planter boxes and other specialty work.

Acute and Obtuse Angles
With a very simple setup at the dovetail template, you can easily cut these angles for benches and parallelogram-shaped drawers.

Curved Dovetails
With the Keller Dovetail System, you are not limited to straight lines. You can put a dovetail joint in a barrel-topped chest, with this unique patented feature.

End-to-End Dovetails
You can join a rail to a stile with a dovetail. Or, decoratively extend the length of a board with the Keller Dovetail System.

Box Joints
With the dovetail template and a box joint bit (availible for models 1601 and 1500), you can easily and quickly cut box joints of any width.

Knuckle Joints
Need a wooden hinge? You can easily turn that box joint into a knuckle joint.

Drawer Fronts
For that traditional dovetail drawer front with no joint showing on the face, you can cut a through dovetailed drawer box and then apply the drawer front as a false front or a two-piece drawer front. This drawer front can then be lipped or flush as you need. The drawer front can be glued or screwed to the drawer box. With the Keller Dovetail System you can join up to 40 drawers per hour.

Making your drawers this way is a 3,500 year-old tradition that eliminates all the hassles of setting up and using a half-blind jig. It allows you to save your best lumber for the drawer fronts without having to waste time and wood making endless test cuts as required with all other jigs.

Production shops prefer this method of drawer construction; it is fast and simple. Using screws to attach the fronts to the drawers also allows you to easily align a whole bank of drawer fronts after they are fit in the assembled case or cabinet.

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